Snotrockets Rule

Sometime early in the 2011 season I noticed that San Francisco Giants LHP Madison Bumgarner blows snotrockets. A lot of snotrockets. For those of you who don’t know what a snotrocket is: it’s when a person places a finger against one side of their nose, blocking off one nostril. They then proceed to blow hard out of the other nostril, violently expelling any amount of mucus. It’s not pretty but it’s effective.

Madison Bumgarner (or MadBum as he’s affectionately referred to by SF Giants fans) excels at the snotrocket business. He averaged approximately 8 snotrockets (or SNR) per 9 innings in 2011. Some people are grossed out at the sight of MadBum blowing a snotrocket or two out on the mound. Not me; I see it as part of his country boy charm.  Since I usually find amusing what other people find disgusting I thought it would be fun to start counting how many snotrockets Bumgarner blew in a game. Every time I see Bumgarner blow a snotrocket in a televised game I note the time of the snotrocket as well as if it’s an at-bat, on-base, dugout or double SNR (double SNRs are when first one nostril is blown out of and then the other).

I should note that the SNRs that I tally are only the ones that are shown onscreen. If any SNRs occur while the camera are focused on anyone other than Bumgarner I am unable to count these towards his total SNR for that game. Unfortunately for me the director of the Giants TV broadcasts has an irritating fondness for training his cameras more on the action in the stands instead of what’s going on down on the field. So until the Giants make my dreams come true and provide a snotrocket cam for each one of Bumgarner’s starts it’s safe to assume that all MadBum SNR totals are approximate and not exact. I started posting Bumgarner’s SNR totals on Twitter in July 2011 and found out that several other Giants fans there found them fun to follow as well. Starting next season I’ll be tallying the SNRs from MadBum’s first start in 2012 to his last, first on Twitter and then here. So tune in at either site for all the Bumgarner snotrocket action you could possibly want.

Other Giants fans have noticed Bumgarner’s fondness for snotrockets. Some sportswriters have too, as well as Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper. As far as I know I’m the only one who actually tallies Bumgarner’s snotrockets. I see it as providing a previously unchronicled statistic in a sport already riddled with stats. You’re welcome.

8 thoughts on “Snotrockets Rule

  1. Dear Blogger: Your blog is funny; well-written. I had never heard the term for Bumgarner’s habit. I don’t get to see many of the ballgames because I don’t have cable, so I don’t know if Bumgarner’s still doing this or not, but I feel embarrassed for him. He seems to be a very nice young man, and he’s certainly a very talented ball player. I wonder if anyone’s mentioned to him that his habit is a turnoff and not very cool. I’m sure the other ball players don’t appreciate having to step in the stuff. I, at first, thought perhaps it was a cultural thing, something he had learned while growing up on a farm in the deep South, as he did. But to give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he just has allergies or sinus trouble, and would benefit by taking one of the over-the-counter, non-drowsy allergy meds. Do I sound like a mother? ; )

    1. Thank you for the compliments about this blog. I mentioned that I would be tallying Bumgarner’s snotrockets for all of the 2012 season and I’ve been doing that. I should post them here. I’ve got MadBum snotrocket stats versus teams, left-handed batters, right-handed batters, day, night, home, road, etc. All the snotrocket stats no one ever knew they wanted.


      It’s too bad you don’t have cable because you’re missing all the exciting snotrocket action. Bumgarner is indeed still at it. Krukow, Kuiper and Flemming are among the Giants broadcasters that have mentioned his snotrockets on-air (humorously of course).


      Amy G. did an interview with Bumgarner earlier this season and she asked him about the snotrockets. Bumgarner kind of laughed and said he has a deviated septum and that apparently causes an excess of mucus and thus the snotrockets. He also said that he’s not doing it as much this year. My snotrocket stats say otherwise.

  2. Sorry that anyone’s comments didn’t post until now but I completely forgot I started this blog last year. Add that to the fact that I’ve been too lazy to write another post and you have a blog with one post. But thank you to everyone who left a comment here. 🙂

    I don’t know if I’ll ever write another post. I tweet quite a bit about Bumgarner’s snotrockets, especially during his starts, so if you have a Twitter acct. you can follow me there if you like (Twitter link button is on the right hand side of this page). Again, thanks for reading.

  3. Mix up Elton Johns rocketman with something to do with madbums snotrockets and you got yourself a banging song.

  4. he blows them after each strike out. It’s like a reward. or a ritual. this season he seems to be more aware of it and trying to stop. Ive floated the idea of “the SnotRocket” as a nickname… but it wont stick.

    1. So far I’ve just been watching them on TV. I haven’t been fortunate enough to catch a Bumgarner start in person (yet). Have you caught any of his starts at the park?

      When I watch his games on TV I don’t see the snotrockets after every K. Of course CSNBA doesn’t keep the camera on him constantly (gotta catch that exciting footage of kids in the stands waving bye-bye to the camera, ya know). The Giants are still refusing to put a snotrocket cam on Bumgarner so until I see him pitch in person I may never know. I have seen at-bat, dugout, on-base and pre-game snotrockets though.

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