Significant Snotrockets

 Madison Bumgarner with a very short outing today (4.0 IP) at Wrigley Field. Even though yesterday he flew on ahead of the team to Chicago (Giants had night game in Houston on getaway day), ostensibly to be well-rested for today’s game, he seemed kind of sluggish and labored through four innings (85 pitches plus he forgot to back up home plate on a key play). Maybe it was the heat: 92° F at game time. Maybe it was just one of those things. Or maybe it was that Bumgarner was made nervous because he sensed the importance of today’s game against the Cubs. You see, going into today’s outing Madison Bumgarner had 298 snotrockets in 2012. That meant MadBum was going to break the 300 mark at some point in today’s game. A momentous occasion that required a special tweet of its own:


Here are the snotrocket totals from today’s game:

  • Madison Bumgarner snotrocket (SNR) totals today: 8 SNR ― 0 vs. lefties, 7 vs. righties, 1 other. 1 double SNR.
  • Bumgarner’s only other outing against this Cubs this year was on June 1, 2012 in San Francisco. Snotrocket totals from that game: 9 SNR: 2 vs. lefties, 2 vs. righties, 5 other. 1 at-bat SNR.
  • Bumgarner snotrocket totals vs. the Cubs in 2012: 17 SNR ― 2 vs. lefties, 9 vs. righties, 6 other. 1 double and 1 at-bat SNR.

Bumgarner’s next start will probably be Wednesday, September 5 at home vs. the Diamondbacks. Snake snotrockets. Home cookin’ snotrockets. See you here or on Twitter.

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