Fish, Snotrockets and Bad Baseball Camerawork


Indoor baseball. Another San Francisco Giants loss. Few snotrockets. It’s all bad.

Here are Madison Bumgarner’s snotrocket totals and other vital statistics for Sunday, August 18, 2013 on the road vs. the Miami Marlins:

  • ND, 5.0 IP, 5 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 4 BB (1 IBB), 3 K, 1 HR, 3 SNR (snotrockets): 1 vs. lefties, 2 vs. righties, 0 other.
  • Madison Bumgarner’s most prolific inning was the 5th in which he blew 3 snotrockets.
  • Bumgarners’s total of 3 SNR (snotrockets) ties his outing on 07/06/13 (vs Dodgers) for fewest SNR in 2013.
  • Bumgarner now has 19 snotrockets that were blown while pitching indoors (closed roof) in 2013 (3 games).

Even more disturbing than the loss incurred by the Giants was the fact that Bumgarner didn’t blow a snotrocket until the 5th inning, and the 3 SNR he blew in that inning were the only snotrockets he blew in the entire game.

I mostly attribute this to the staid camerawork in Sunday’s game. The cameras in Marlins Park focused almost entirely on the batters and very seldom had Bumgarner in their sights.  I’ve noticed this same thing happening whenever a Giants game airs on Fox or ESPN. The baseball camerawork for both of those networks is very formulaic and unimaginative. It’s all batter, batter, batter and once in a while they’ll show the pitcher for about 3 seconds.

Of course, at the other end is the godawful camerawork one sees in the Giants games that air on Comcast Sports Net Bay Area. CSNBA’s cameras seem to be focused more on the people in the stands and in the boats out in McCovey Cove than on the game itself. It doesn’t matter if the Giants are in 1st place by 10 games or dead last in the standings, if the game is an excitingly close one or a snoozer, the CSNBA camera guys will practically wet their pants with excitement over someone’s grandma wearing a baseball cap or a little kid holding up a homemade sign or some hipsters dancing on the deck of a boat out in the cove. They’ll cut to shot after shot after shot of all those things and many more, ad nauseum, to the detriment of the game itself. A Giants game on CSNBA is less about baseball and more about the people who inhabit the stands and the boats that cruise the waters outside of it.

Madison Bumgarner’s next outing should be Friday, August 23, 2013 at home vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates. See you here or on Twitter for all the exciting snotrocket action. That is, if CSNBA’s cameras can manage to break away from the thousands of “gamer babes”, kids waving to the cameras and boats sailing past the ballpark. There’s a game on, CSNBA. How about showing it?

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