Pinch Hit Snotrocket


The anticipation:

Tweets-FL-Bumgarner-Pinch Hit



Yes. It really happened. You didn’t dream it. Madison Bumgarner pinch hit in tonight’s game.  And though he only lined out to the pitcher he did blow a snotrocket so all was not lost.  In case you don’t believe me then here’s the proof, courtesy of @SanDiegoGiants:

Giants-Bumgarner-Snotrocket-2014-05-05-Pinch Hit

As of right now the San Francisco Giants are still tied with the Pittsburgh Pirates 10-10 in the 12th inning but if they end up losing then everyone’s blaming this woman:

Giants-Bumgarner-Snotrocket-2014-05-05-Pinch Hit-Flower Hat-1


Update: the Giants won 11-10 in 13 innings. Curse of the Flower Hat: denied. It was an exciting win for the Giants but of course my mind was on more important things:

Tweets-FL-Havoc With Snotrocket Totals

That was the first pinch hit snotrocket I’ve seen Madison Bumgarner blow. I wasn’t prepared for it and I don’t know what to do with it. I really can’t count it in his regular season snotrocket totals because I only tally the snotrockets that Bumgarner blows during games he starts and this one was blown during a pinch-hit appearance. Oh the dilemma. What to do? I guess just enjoy it for the snotrockety goodness it delivered.

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