Glove Snotrockets


Today’s game saw, to the best of my snotrocket knowledge, a first in Madison Bumgarner’s snotrocket repertoire. A glove snotrocket. Wait, make that two glove snotrockets. What’s a glove snotrocket you say? Read on and discover. I mean, discover after the game totals.

Here are Madison Bumgarner’s snotrocket totals and other vital statistics for Thursday, May 21, 2015 at home vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers (eeuww):


  • W, 6.1 IP, 7 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 6 K, 9 SNR (snotrockets): 3 vs. lefties, 5 vs. righties, 1 other. 1 pre-game SNR. 1 double SNR. 2 glove SNR.
  • Madison Bumgarner’s most prolific inning was the 1st in which he blew 3 snotrockets.
  • Madison Bumgarner has still not reached double digit snotrocket totals in any game this season.
  • Bumgarner now has 47 snotrockets so far this season.


Enough about the snotrocket stats, as scintillating as they are. How about some snotrocket screencaps? As always @SanDiegoGiants brought his A game and produced some fine SNR pics. He got Madison Bumgarner’s first pre-game snotrocket of the season and a double one at that:



Whenever Bumgarner blows a double snotrocket I like to also include closeups because why not. Here’s the left nostril:



And the right one:



A from behind snotrocket in the 1st inning:



This also happened in the 1st inning:

Giants-Bumgarner-Snotrocket-2015-05-21-2-Nose Pick


A snotrocket from the 2nd inning:



And now what you’ve all been waiting for. The aforementioned GLOVE SNOTROCKET:



Madison Bumgarner snotrocket enthusiasts, take note of the above photo. As far as I know it’s the first of its kind. Bumgarner has always used his (ungloved) left hand to blow a snotrocket. That is until yesterday’s game. For the first time ever (I’m calling it) Bumgarner used his gloved hand to blow a snotrocket. All these years of counting Bumgarner snotrockets and I’ve never seen this until yesterday. History was made and I got to witness it as it happened. I am blessed.

Now back to the regular everyday garden variety snotrockets. One from the 3rd inning:



That last snotrocket was a cause for me to forget my recent worries over Bumgarner’s lack of snotrockets lately and just simply rejoice:



A snotrocket from the 4th inning:



Bumgarner didn’t limit his magnificence yesterday to snotrockets. He also hit a home run. Off of Clayton Kershaw no less. Kershaw had never given up a home run to an opposing pitcher until yesterday. Hahahahaha DODGERS SUCK:

Giants-Bumgarner-Home Run-2015-05-21


While Bumgarner didn’t reach double digit snotrocket totals in yesterday’s game he did blow more SNRs than in any other game this season. Also in yesterday’s game I noticed that Bumgarner’s hair was a bit shorter. These two facts combined scientifically prove what I’ve said before:

Giants-Bumgarner-Snotrocket-Tweet-Long Hair-1-2015-05-21


Madison Bumgarner’s next start should be Tuesday, May 26, 2015 on the road vs. the Milwaukee Brewers. See you here or on Twitter for all the exciting snotrocket action.

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