Metallic Snotrockets

It was Metallica night at AT&T Park tonight and the San Francisco Giants wore their black jerseys on Orange Friday to celebrate. I’m blaming these things (okay, Metallica playing the National Anthem was pretty cool and if I can find a clip somewhere later I’ll post a link to it) and also incessant boat footage on TV as the reasons for Madison Bumgarner’s woeful lack of snotrockets. Also, there was a paucity of wedgie picks and I’m blaming that on possible new underwear for Bumgarner. If you think I’m really stretching for something to post about you’re right. When there’s so few snotrockets the world is a little more empty, lonely and cruel.

Update: Here’s a link to a video of Metallica playing the National Anthem. Enjoy:

Here are Madison Bumgarner’s snotrocket totals and other vital statistics for Friday, May 6, 2016 at home vs. the Colorado Rockies:

  • W, 7.1 IP, 7 H, 4 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 10 K, 4 SNR (snotrockets): 1 vs. lefties, 1 vs. righties, 2 other. 1 double SNR.
  • Madison Bumgarner’s most prolific inning was the 1st in which he blew 2 snotrockets.
  • Bumgarner now with 61 snotrockets in the 2016 season.

With so few Bumgarner snotrockets blown (or shown) @SanDiegoGiants made each one of his snotrocket screencaps count. Keys to the Game snotrocket:

Giants-Bumgarner-Snotrocket-2016-05-06-Keys To The Game-Tweet

Top of the 1st snotrocket:


The always exciting double snotrocket appeared in the top of the 3rd inning. First the right nostril:


And then the left nostril:


There was a one and a half hour drought between Bumgarner snotrockets during the game:



Giants-Bumgarner-Snotrocket-2016-05-06-Crotch Grab

Juicy Loogie Edition:


The snotrockets, crotch grabs and loogies are crowd pleasers:

Giants-Bumgarner-Snotrocket-2016-05-06-Tweet-RolnSM-Man's Man- No Mani Pedi

Madison Bumgarner’s next start should be Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at home vs. the Toronto Blue Jays. See you here or on Twitter for all the exciting snotrocket action.

About Fawn Liebowitz

I'm Madison Bumgarner's snotrocket tallier. Don't judge me. Or Madison Bumgarner.
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