Best of 2016 Snotrockets


No Moore more snotrockets in 2016. The San Francisco Giants season is over after one of the most horrific losses that I’ve seen since The-World-Series-That-We-Still-Do-Not-Speak-Of-Even-Though-The-Giants-Have-Won-3-World-Series-Since-Then aka game 6 in the 2002 World Series. It was bad then. It’s bad now. I’m sad now. What could possibly make me feel better? Madison Bumgarner snotrockets of course.

2016 wasn’t exactly a banner year for Bumgarner SNR (snotrockets):



But even though the snotrockets weren’t as plentiful this season as they have been in years past that doesn’t mean there weren’t some good ones being expressed by the King of the Snotrockets. Madison Bumgarner may have slowed down in his snotrocket production but I’m just grateful that he’s still out there snotrocketing at all. I mean, if he ever stopped shooting mucus out of his nostrils I  wouldn’t handle it well:



Let’s take a look back at some of the wonderful snotrockets that Madison Bumgarner produced this past season. And this is about as good a time as any to express my extreme gratitude to @SanDiegoGiants for all the terrific snotrocket screencaps that he came up with this season and in seasons past. For so many of MadBum’s starts @SanDiegoGiants was hard at work capturing Bum’s snotrockets for posterity and I cannot thank him enough for it. Without his efforts this blog would just be some words and numbers, a vast wasteland, colorless and bleak. Picture a world without Bumgarner snotrocket screencaps in it. I imagine it would look something like this:



The first Bumgarner snotrocket of the season is always one to cherish. This beauty was a hidden one and blown on April 4, 2016 on the road vs. the Milwaukee Brewers:



Glove snotrockets (using the gloved hand) are a rare commodity (Bumgarner only had 6 of them this season). The first glove SNR of the 2016 season also occurred on April 4th:



At-bat snotrockets are not as rare as glove ones but still pretty special. Here’s one from the April 25th game vs. the San Diego Padres:



Another at-bat snotrocket from the June 14th game vs. the Brewers. Look at how the home plate umpire is rudely ignoring Bumgarner’s nasal magnificence:



This next snotrocket is an especially fine-looking one as it involved much spray. It was blown on May 28, 2016 on the road vs. the Rockies:



ICYMTM (In Case You Missed The Mucus) here’s a closeup:


Just look at that spray action. Beautiful.


I like this one because it’s clear and sharp and Bumgarner’s got a good snarl going. From June 25, 2016 vs. the Phillies:



A sly postseason snotrocket from the Wild Card game:



Bumgarner double snotrockets are a personal favorite of mine because I get 2 for the price of one. On May 1 vs. the New York Mets Bumgarner blew 2 double SNR (double doubles!). Here’s one set, with the left nostril up first:



And then the right nostril:



And the second double snotrocket from the same game with once again the left nostril up first:



Right nostril says ‘hey don’t forget about me’:



Black jersey double snotrocket (good band name) with the right nostril first:



And then the left nostril:



If you’re fortunate enough to be a teammate of Madison Bumgarner then you might have some snotrocket magic rub off on you and if that happens then you should be both glad and grateful. Matt Duffy and Matt Moore (ironically traded for each other) can attest to this. Each channeled their inner Bumgarner this season. First up is Duffy:



Moore mixes it up a little and uses a thumb for his snotrocket:



Those were nice but there’s nothing like the real thing. Let’s get back to Madison. How about some hot interleague Bumgarner snotrocket action vs. the A’s:



I love this one because it also has guest appearances by Brandon Crawford and Angel Pagan. Both of them look like they’re running in to see Bumgarner blow a snotrocket but they were too late:



More interleague snotrocket action, this time vs. the Yankees:



This next one is nice because you get the approach to the nose, then the snotrocket plus some Giants history to boot. First the approach:



Then the actual snotrocket:



One Giants game saw a guest snotrocket screencapper: @iamjerklord, filling in for @SanDiegoGiants who was on non-snotrocket assignment. @iamjerklord proved to be such a phenom at snotrocket screencapping that she put someone’s non-job at risk:



Some of @iamjerklord‘s handiwork – the classic front-facing nose bender snotrocket:



The Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig makes a cameo appearance in two of Bumgarner’s snotrockets from that same game. First up is right after Puig struck out:



The second one is an extremely rare snotrocket screencap, one of only two in existence. Feast your eyes on a split screen snotrocket screencap with Bumgarner snotrocketing on the left and Puig at home plate on the right:



Also from the same game – Dodger snotblock:



Madison Bumgarner has many fans, both of his pitching and his snotrocketing. The most talented has to be @JohnGehrke who made this fantastic video featuring MadBum and his amazing snotrockets. Check it out, even the infamous Chevy Guy makes a cameo appearance:


You might think that Madison Bumgarner is limited to just outstanding pitching and snotrocketing. You couldn’t be more wrong. Mr. Bumgarner is a Renaissance man, an accomplished artist that expresses himself in many mediums.  Besides the snotrocket there is – behold – the loogie:



Two loogies for the price of one. First the pre loogie bubble:



Then the post loogie spray:



May 28th loogie:



Dark Night of the Loogie:



Postseason Wild Card loogie:



Then there’s the crotch grab/cup twitch that Bumgarner dabbles in almost every game. You know, just to mix it up a little with the snotrockets and loogies. From an at home game vs. the Rockies in May:



Pitching aggressively, crotch grabbing the same:



At times this season the cupping shots outnumbered the snotrocketing ones:



That which we call a cup twitch by any other name would look as sweet:



As much as I love the Bumgarner cup twitches the Bumgarner wedgie picks hold a dearer place in my heart:



Epic full on closeup wedgie pick from the August 23rd game vs. the Dodgers:



Postseason wedgie pick:



Mr. Bumgarner is so creative and is always trying to come up with new ways to entertain his fans:



Four part eye wipe vs. the Atlanta Braves on Aug. 28th:



Because the tweet cut part of the photos off here are four closeups of the eye wipe in order:





Part four actually saw Bumgarner going in for a second eye wipe, nice:



So Bumgarner has snotrockets, loogies, cup twitching/crotch grabs and eye wipes in his repertoire. Surely that must be it, you’re thinking. Oh no. Not even close. Behold the ear dig:



And the tooth pick:



The glove chew:



Not to be confused with the glove wipe:



Then there’s the snotrocket’s close cousin, the nose wipe:



The Bumgarner loogies, cup twitches, wedgie picks etc. are all fabulous but nothing could ever replace the classic snotrocket:



In case you couldn’t tell I love absolutely everything that Madison Bumgarner does but:



Always and forever:



Thank you to everyone who stopped by here to take a look; I appreciate each and every one of you. Have a good off-season and see you here or on Twitter in 2017 for all the exciting Madison Bumgarner snotrocket action.


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