2016 Snotrockets Revisited


The snotrocket statistics of Madison Bumgarner that I keep make up the bulk of your daily snotrocket requirements. The snotrocket screencaps are something extra, the oils and sweets part of the snotrocket pyramid, the tastiest part. On Twitter @SanDiegoGiants and @iamjerklord consistently provide for delighted fans Bumgarner’s snotrockets in screencaps. I compiled last season’s output into gif form so without further ado here are every 2016 Madison Bumgarner snotrocket and loogie screencap they made, in chronological order:

Takes your breath away, doesn’t it? By the way I also included every nose wipe along with the snotrockets and loogies just because they’re nose related. I did end up leaving out all the other extras like cup fidgets, ear digs and eye wipes because I wanted to keep this gif as mucus pure as possible. You’re welcome.

See you here or on Twitter for all the exciting Madison Bumgarner snotrocket action.

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