Musty Snotrockets

Tonight Madison Bumgarner pitches at home in San Francisco against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Normally I would be watching the televised game and live-tweeting the snotrockets. However, I am so sorry but due to circumstances beyond my control I will not be able to do this tonight. Don’t Panik panic though; I will definitely be watching this game in a few days and tallying all the Bumgarner snotrockets blown. I will always tally Bumgarner’s snotrockets – this I vow. If I were on my death bed I’d still find a way. So okay, they won’t be fresh snotrockets. But aren’t stale, musty Bumgarner snotrockets better than no Bumgarner snotrockets at all? I think so. Anyway, tune in to this blog in a few days for all the exciting Bumgarner snotrocket action.

About Fawn Liebowitz

I'm Madison Bumgarner's snotrocket tallier. Don't judge me. Or Madison Bumgarner.
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