Bumgarner The Race Horse


Madison Bumgarner has had many fine accomplishments in his career so far. Three World Series rings, an award for Most Valuable Player in the 2014 National League Championship Series, another MVP award for the 2014 World Series and the admiration and respect of baseball fans everywhere. All very impressive, well deserved and hard earned. The rings and trophies and high esteem are nice but what could be better than to have a horse named after you?


It’s true. There’s an Australian racehorse named Bumgarner. I had no idea that this tribute to Madison Bumgarner’s excellence existed until one day in May 2017 I got this tweet from @smwills140, a Giants fan that lives Down Under:


This was approximately one week after Bumgarner was injured in a dirt bike accident so of course I had questions:


But it didn’t happen that day:


However, five days later:


Beautiful horse even though he wore Dodger blue (ew). Love the description in the caption – “…was just too strong after enjoying a good run. Looks to be a nice type in the making”:


Bumgarner the Horse did his best but ended up finishing last. He also had some problems respiratory-wise. Good Giants and Bumgarner fan @smwills140 had the solution:


By the way, in case you were skeptical that Bumgarner the Horse was really named after Bumgarner the Man then here’s verification from his trainer @henrydwyer, obtained by another good international Giants fan, @jrwyke:


Mr. Dwyer’s reply was a link to Madison Bumgarner’s Wikipedia page:


So there you have it, not straight from the horse’s mouth but from the horse’s trainer, that Bumgarner the Horse was named after one of the World Series’ pitching greats. But back to the race. Bumgarner the Horse was examined after making those respiratory noises and more bad news:


Giants fans were disappointed but not surprised by the latest Bumgarner the Horse news, given what happened to the horse’s namesake:


Other news:


Bumgarner the Horse was out of action for several months, recuperating and presumably still not blowing snotrockets. Then one day in November 2017:


Bumgarner the Horse did better in that race, finishing in 3rd place:


He’s had three more races since then, finishing in 4th place, 6th place (day before Christmas):


and 5th place, respectively. By the way, not only did some of us Giants fans hear from Bumgarner the Horse’s trainer on Twitter we also heard from one of his owners as well:


A little more detail on how Bumgarner the Horse got his name:


Does Clayton Kershaw have a race horse named after him? I think not. Yet more proof of Madison Bumgarner’s superiority over his Dodger rival. Take that, Clayton.

You can view Bumgarner the Horse’s racing form here. It has a list of all the races he’s run in, including trials, and also some biographical info like the names of his parents (Wanted and Kristeva), his birth date (August 24, 2013) and and also his owners. If you sign up for membership at racing.com (it’s free) you can also watch clips from his races as well. But if you don’t want to sign up for membership you can see the end of Bumgarner the Horse’s first race when he finished in 1st place on Twitter. I’m not a racing fan but I have to admit it’s neat hearing Bumgarner’s name being called in a horse race.

Here’s hoping Bumgarner the Horse will stay healthy and be successful in all of his races from here on out. The same goes for Bumgarner the Man. I’m also hoping that Madison Bumgarner finds out there’s a racehorse with his name. I’d love to see his reaction. After all, as we all know Mr. Bumgarner has a thing for horses:


The next blog post will be another stop on the vintage Bumgarner snotrocket tour but I’ll do my best to post future race info here on any future Bumgarner the Horse news. The best way to stay up to date on both snotrocket and horse news is to follow me on Twitter. See you there for all the exciting Bumgarner snotrocket and equestrian action.

UPDATE (01/27/2018): I found out this morning that Bumgarner the Horse has been put up for sale. You can view all pertinent selling information at this link: https://inglisdigital.com/lot/541.26.htm

The bidding ends in three days. If you’re a Giants fan and you have the money and room for a horse then what could be better than to own a Bumgarner of your very own? Or if anyone reading this knows how to get in touch with Madison Bumgarner (the human) then please let him know that there’s a race horse named after him and he has a chance to buy his namesake. Thanks a lot and thanks for reading.

Update update: Bumgarner the Horse was sold to a Mr. Craig Handley of Lohan Equine. I had concerns:

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